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  • mel anderson

The Pink Lake

This is Bumbunga Lake in Kaurna country.

Nestled amongst wheatfields, I was pleasantly surprised by this beautiful pink salt lake as I travelled on my way today. The water here was crystal clear and the salt thick and crunchy on the ground as I walked the edges. The salt pan was mesmerising and vast.

I have only barely scratched the surface of this beautiful country and South Australia has been particularly inspiring. My eyes are tired and my head is full, I need to take some time to rest and process all that my body and mind have been drinking in. There is so much to explore in this big open country of such interesting and diverse environments. I am grateful for these experiences and the joy to be found in these moments and curious how they will lead me into the future.

Three lonely tufts poking out from the salty ground. The resilience and adaptions of plants in an arid climate have been remarkable to observe and explore.

The lake was filled with a great deal of water, but the edges were dry and underneath the thick crusty outer layer of salt there was a deep layer of red clay that swelled and cracked as it was soaked and then dried in the sun.

An old fence marked the edge of some farmer's property and the posts were heavily weathered by sun and wind and age. I am not sure what this fence had kept in (or out) in the past, but it was broken and sagging now. I find myself wondering if the salty water is good to drink or if it would poison you with whatever it is that makes it pink.


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