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Apart from mud-pies and sandcastles, the first time I worked with clay I was only nine. I took an after-school pottery class and immersed myself in the infinite possibilities clay provided. I had not yet begun to self censor or overthink and I simply played and followed the clay. Initially I focused on making dolls. Clay people with stories and lives and their own world of burdens, obiligations and responsibilities. I still have these people in my mother's house. I still tell their stories.


Later, when I was older, I deepened my relationship with ceramics. Handbuilding, throwing, mould-making, glaze technology, surface treatment, kilns and firing - I learned it all. In 1993 I was yearning to create and I devoured the ceramics certificates at Hornsby TAFE. It took ten years to scratch the surface of clay - the processes, the chemistry and the fire. Ceramics is an endless medium to explore.

In the making, my hands lead the way. I enter the flow state and my brain is at rest. The added joy of daily use and working with clay grounds me like no other practice. I am at peace.

My latest work uses local materials and wild clay. Read more > here

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The Birds (2022)

The Birds


River Mud (Series II) 2017

River Mud Series II


Sculpture 2006



Shades of the River 2022

Shades of the River


River Mud (Series I) 2010

River Mud Series I


Shell Series 2005

Shell Series


Lady Garden Vases 2022

Lady Garden Vases


Joyful (Series II) 2009

Joyful Series II


Hornsby TAFE 1995-2008

Hornsby TAFE


Tiny Folk Sculpture Hunt 2021

Tiny Folk Sculpture Hunt


Joyful (Series I) 2008

Joyful Series I


Odds and Ends

Odds and Ends

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