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Gallery | Cyanotypes

Cyanotypes are a photographic printing process using a mixture of potassium ferricyanide and ferric ammonium citrate applied to paper, fabric or other materials and exposed in sunlight or UV lights.


I have used photography transparencies, digital illustrations and found objects to make photograms as a contact print. Placing all the elements on my sensitised paper in low light, I arrange the composition and sandwich under glass to expose in the sunlight. Exposure times vary depending on the weather from as little as one minute to as long as 30 minutes or even more. Once exposed, the unexposed areas of unreacted iron solution is washed off in water.


You may notice that some prints are a brown colour, these are created after the cyanotype printing in an additional bath of coffee or red wine. You can tone the prints into different colours using coffee, tea, wine and even cat urine! These artworks also incorporated additional handrawn elements after the print has been made including pen, ink and phosphorescent paint and glue.

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Cosmic Jellyfish - Handprinted cyanotype with phospherescent paint and pen and ink



Microcosm - Handprinted cyanotype with pen and ink overlay



River Song - Handprinted cyanotype with and pen and ink

Songs of the River


Squid - Handprinted cyanotype with pen and ink

with the River


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