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Limited Edition Fine Art prints of "Microcosm" from an original cyanotype print with hand altered details. 2021.


I try, sometimes, to represent my thoughts as they rush through my mind. So many ideas can sometimes turn inward on themselves and tighten into a noose of my own making. Yet sometimes they spin outwards, collecting up the detritus of the universe and the imperfection of my life to weave chaos into a remarkable beauty. This is what art is for me. A conversation with the world (and myself) in all its ugliness and authenticity and a striving to collect it together and reframe my perception. My circle of experience is protected by the walls of my own making and outside there is only darkness where there is no life or connection.


  • Free delivery Australia wide.

    Each print is custom made to order and packaged with acid free tissue paper. Please allow 10-14 days for printing, finishing and postage via Australia Post.

    International orders allow 2-4 weeks.

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