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Unframed (2021)

A special, additional, online-only auction exhibition of unframed work created for the Songs of the River exhibition. Curated by the excellent Kate von Rock, this was an online auction over the course of four days where artwork was advertised for sale with a reserve price and potential buyers made bids.

Hand printed on a selection of papers, including wildcrafted Lokta paper, these works incorporate original photography, digital drawings, phosphorescent paint, and pen and ink illustration handrawn over the sunprint. It was liberating to curate a selection of unframed work that could be delivered via post and much less time consuming as well!

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River Song - Handprinted cyanotype with pen and ink

Songs of the River


Squid - Handprinted cyanotype with pen and ink

with the River


Cosmic Jellyfish - Handprinted cyanotype with phosphorescent paint, pen and ink



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