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Blue (2019)

This exhibition indicates a shift in direction and a consolidation of ideas across disciplines in my arts practice. The goal of this evolution in my work was to consolidate and link cross-discipline practices into a homogenous body of work and expression of self. Combining photography, illustration and the processes of art and craft, I am refining and clarifying my personal narrative with imagery, symbols and visual icons.


Focusing on process to move away from anxiety and overthinking, my photography work is imbued with layers of added meaning through post-printing illustration and overpainting. The primary process is cyanotype printing which is as a natural progression from observation to intervention in my photography practice. Future work will extend these processes and concepts into ceramics and introduce and overlap the use of local natural materials in a variety of ways.

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Cosmic Jellyfish - Handprinted cyanotype with phospherescent paint and pen and ink.



Microcosm - Handprinted cyanotype with pen and ink



River Song - Handprinted cyanotypes from original photography with pen and ink.

Songs of the River


Squid - Handprinted cyanotype with pen and ink

with the River


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