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Welcome to the world of my imagination

Threading honey to hand-weave whimsical stories from my heart into adventure and self-discovery.

When words are not enough.

Long Jellyfish White.png

See the world through my eyes; translated and transformed into ceramics, cyanotypes and photography ...

Uncover the secret spaces beyond words ....

Jelly Blubber

Discover what lies beneath ...


Drop down into my psyche ...


Uncover the magic that lies within ....

When making art
is the heartbeat to your life.
Art is a way of existing, stabilising the present moment.

Enjoy the journey ...

Cormorant white.png

Explore my illustrations, cyanotypes, photography and ceramics galleries ...

Cheeky Magpie Songs of the River Exhibition 2021
River Birdsong
Single Masked Lapwing
Pisces Constellations ADJ.png
Jar of emotions

Open the jar
to peek into my creative world ...

Jellyblubber (w).png
From where I've been to where you find me ...

Find meaning through creativity, imagination and play ...

Discover my flights of fantasy ...

White Jellyfish Egg_edited.png
Feather (Menu - Ceramics)_edited.png

Share in my processes as I unlock a deeper sense of self using creativity as the key ...

Cyanotypes | Tributaries

What does your


have to say to you?

Secret Button
Christmas Deadlines

Explore my galleries and shop 

Chasing Butterflies


A journal of my notes and processes, sketches and ideas, words and stories. Chase these random butterfly thoughts with me as I explore and create the reality of my world.


Sometimes ... my mind is a supernova. 

From the chaos, inspiration blossoms and ideas grow. I am working hard to become a Phoenix and rise from the ashes of my past existence. Art is a way to connect to my unconscious and follow the feelings, creating meaning and uncovering a sense of self as the flow takes over and time ceases to exist.


The galleries and artworks, illustrations and drawings lead the way and help me untangle and clarify my direction. As reality collapses in on itself a star is [re]born. 

Who is this person I am [re]creating?

Sanctuary (tree house).png
Hawkesbury River wild clay.
Found objects. Local materials.
White Jellyfish Egg.png

In love with the darkness, she blindly slipped into the emotional cracks and crevices of her unexamined life. It was, of course, much harder to pull herself out and (re)make a fragile beauty from the crumbling ruins left behind.


It took all her courage to look. 

HOME back 3-1_edited.jpg

Welcome to the Third Act.

Second NEW GREEN SNAKE-02 2000px.png
Blue Snake

The Act when I (think) I know who I am.

Where I choose to trust myself (anyway).

Follow the feelings to weave a skeleton from the bones of my imagination …

Journey into depths of my psyche
Conversations with the River
Three Fishes

Flesh it out with a sense of self ...

Clothe it in dreams and desires ...

Songs of the River
Songs of the River

Be led by instinct ...

Check in and examine the emotions ...



Layer upon Layer upon Layer.

Keeping me anchored to reality.

Long Mangrove

Birth your own world.


Making art is play.

Working with process driven mediums facilitates concentration and focus to enter the flow state of the present moment, where the work creates itself and you simply follow where it leads. 

The Flow

In the spaces between, when you are immersed in the creating, the world falls away and time loses meaning.

The power of enforced solitude.

The act of making art is healing and deeply introspective. The process of creating is the process of curating and creating a life of beauty.

Visual storytelling.

Words fall short of expressing depth and breadth of complex human emotions. Art can fill the gap to express and transform the difficult, and sometimes surprising, feelings to allow growth and healing.


Follow the feelings.

Making art helps me understand
who I am and what I feel to move forward with trust and integrity.


I hope you enjoy exploring my work.

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