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Dangar Island (2014)

When I first arrived on the island I was constantly in awe of the beauty of nature and the river around me. The changing seasons, the sunsets and sun rises, the mist over the river in the mornings and the trees everywhere you look. It never got old.

I engaged with photography in a way I never had before. Film had not resonated with me when I was younger, but a digital camera opened up the world of photography to me. I needed to see the images and framing as I went, to instinctively adjust my photos in response. This enabled me to instinctively develop my photography skills and techinques and use this knowledge to explore and express emotions and feelings through visual techniques.


The camera became a special tool for me, allowing me to observe and isolate the world around me and tell a story through my construction of a visual narrative. I could hide behind the camera and, paradoxically, connect with the world around me.

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