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A Year of Living Dangar-ously

This exhibition is a very special and pivotal one as it charts a turning point in my life as a practising artist. My first year on Dangar Island brought such joy and opened so many doors into my soul - for the first time in my life I didn't feel different. I felt like I belonged. I had finally found my tribe and I was accepted. Exactly the way I was.


My creativity was nurtured and blossomed in response to this unconditional support and the flames of inspiration fanned by the beauty of the natural environment around me. This exhibition was the culmination of a year exploring my creativity; inspired by the island, the river and my own imagination. It was a gift to the island in gratitude for the community love and support that was invaluable to my growth as an artist. An extensive and diverse collection of work across multiple mediums.

Although close to the city of Sydney, Dangar Island is a water access community and as such attracts a certain type of person. I am that person. The island was a balm to my soul and this exhibition a simple gift in return - the intention being to reflect this amazing community and people back on itself with joy, gratitude and love.

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