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Joyful Series I (2008)

Probably the most productive time in my life, this work was an obsessive interrogation of the many layers of who I am - on the surface and deeper underneath. It is such simple, joyful honest work, before I tied myself to self-doubt and got lost in competing ideas and the paralysis of infinite choice.

These vessels started to embody a broader philosophy of existence. I am the clay and I shape myself as I shape these vessels. I am the surface, the form, the cracks and the colours. I constantly write and re-write my own story. It is not only what we put into the vessel that counts, but what we pour out. What we show on the outside is not always a reflection of what lies within. These  layers of meaning are constantly being overwritten but the marks remain.


These vessels reflect who I am and what I hold within - seen and unseen.

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