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Odds and Ends

A selection of experimental work from over the years.

Part of the joy of discovery of ceramics is the pleasure one has in exploring various techniques and firing processes. These little odds and ends are the joyful one-off pieces that hold a special place close to my heart.

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The Birds (2022)

The Birds


River Mud (Series II) 2017

River Mud Series II


Sculpture 2006



Shades of the River 2022

Shades of the River


River Mud (Series I) 2010

River Mud Series I


Shell Series 2005

Shell Series


Lady Garden Vases 2022

Lady Garden Vases


Joyful (Series II) 2009

Joyful Series II


Hornsby TAFE 1995-2008

Hornsby TAFE


Tiny Folk Sculpture Hunt 2021

Tiny Folk Sculpture Hunt


Joyful (Series I) 2008

Joyful Series I


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