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Tiny Folk Hunt (2020)

This exhibition was an authentic expression of my heart. And such a surprise. Who knew such joy existed inside me, waiting to be freed? Such pleasure in the making, the planning and, especially, in the sharing. I watched families wander the island hunting for Tiny Folk, reading out their stories to each other - adults snorting at the sub-text and children wide-eyed and entranced by the fantasy. To meet the Tiny Folk and read their stories, click on the image below.

The Tiny Folk made themselves. No matter my intentions, they stepped into the space I created for them, elbowing me out of the way in their rush. And the stories? They just manifested out of the ether - the Tiny Folk whispered them into (or out of) my unconscious. The world of the Tiny Folk is locked inside me now, waiting patiently for the next chapter of their evolution. Next stop? The Tiny Folk Travelling Show hits the road!


Don't forget to click on the Tiny Folk (below, scroll right) to read their stories!

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