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River Mud Series II (2017)

This series of work is the culmination of extensive testing of local materials - Hawkesbury River mud (crushed and sieved), oyster shells (calcined and crushed), and ash from my fireplace (sieved). The high iron contained in the river mud naturally created a speckled yellow/rust that echoed the sandstone cliffs. Using this base glaze I was able to increase the ash and add a little copper carbonate to echo the fluidity and colour of the river when it most sings to me - the deep green of high tide and still waters.

Developing glazes from nature can be a time consuming process, but one that is worth the effort. The forms were created to echo the natural and human elements of the river and is a unique extension and reflection of the river and the natural environment. How glorious that the chemistry of the raw materials echo the colours and textures of the river!

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