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Sculpture (2006)

I have a particular fondness for storytelling through sculptural work. An unexamined extension of my inner world, the narrative arises organically, directly from my unconscious through my hands - bypassing my brain. Creativity is a conduit to the unconscious, shining a light on what is hidden by bringing it to the surface to be seen. My arts practice, like my life, is an ouroboros, constantly leading back to myself. By making art I reveal a little of myself to myself.


When I was younger, I had endless hours and a laser-sharp focus. It was a simple matter to immerse myself in the flow of creativity to the exclusion of all else. But life grew complicated. With multiple competing demands, the hours seemed to truncate as life marched steadily forward. I wonder, how can more be less? Will I ever again have the time and space to come back to the intense simplicity of this work? I seek to once again drown in the flow of the present moment.

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